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Want a commercial delivery bicycle that will look great, grow your brand but also do the job – with just a hint of nostalgia? If so, you need one of our classic, multi-purpose, delivery bicycles. Designed to authentically replicate bicycles used in the era of daily deliveries by the local grocer, florist and baker, our classic British bicycles are traditionally designed and incorporate modern, high performance components.

A traditional delivery bicycle is ideal for moving light and heavy packages around quickly and safely, for general courier tasks and, of course, for use by butchers, event promoters, florists and anyone that needs a distinctive, robust and reliable delivery bicycle. A classic British delivery bicycle is great for navigating the rush of city life and draws attention to your business. An integral display panel allows you to promote your brand identity whilst going about your daily routine. Safe, tough and highly dependable – a classic British delivery bicycle could be just what your business needs.

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Frame Size: 22″
Frame Type: Handmade mild steel frame, individually lugged and brazed with display panel for company logo and advertisement
Fork: Hand brazed mild steel fork
Wheels: 28 x 1.1/2″ steel wheels chrome plated rims
Basket: Handmade basket with front basket carrier and folding steel stand
Gears: Single Speed
Handle Bars: Chrome plated steel handle bar and steel brake levers
Brakes: Chrome plated side pull brakes
Pedals: Non slip rubber pedals with reflectors
Saddle: Real leather antique brown saddle with heavy base rear springs
Colour: Buckingham Black
Special Features: The Royal Imperial Delivery Bicycle consists of handmade lugged and brazed mild steel frame and comes with a smaller front wheel to accomodate a large basket with basket carrier and folding stand, display panel, beautifully moulded enameled mudguards, steel chrome plated side pull brakes, real leather antique brown saddle with heavy duty rear springs

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 135 × 82 × 21 cm