Glam-Biking in the City

With so many people opting to travel on two wheels rather than four, now’s the time to consider what kind of bike really does it for you in and around the City. Most people would agree that biking is cool. It represents freedom, fitness and having fun. Over the past few years, we have become much more critical about the sort of bike we want to ride. Cycles are no longer just about performance, they’re about high fashion too. Biking has become glamorous!

Bicycles have great potential for glamour. As you flick through the tabloids, young, fashionable celebrities, pop stars and London’s business elite are all opting to cycle.

Doffing a cap whilst riding is the only acceptable trick for a gentleman cyclist

Doffing a cap whilst riding is the only acceptable trick for a gentleman cyclist

It would appear that we’re not just getting our bikes out for a few hours at the weekend. Whilst many of us still ride for pleasure and leisure, bikes are now very much a part of our everyday, working lives.

Why is this? Biking is a win/win mode of transport. It can help you lose weight, get super fit and reduce stress-levels, but it’s also good for the environment, which has to be a good thing.

What City-bikers want

The industry has come to the conclusion that City-bikers don’t just want a fast, high performance, comfortable ride. There’s a whole glam-biking culture out there that’s got everyone excited.

Today’s City-biker wants their cycle to look stylish and glamorous – reminiscent perhaps of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s and 30s. For this reason, vintage and classic bikes are starting to pop up in places you’d least expect.

What does your bike say about you?

Everything that you own says something about you. So does your bike. It’s an extension of your personality and lifestyle – an expression of who you are, what you are and where you want to be in society.

We are now thinking much more about the colour, frame shape and style of our cycles. They need to ooze curb appeal, causing people to stop and admire. But that’s just the start. Our bicycles also need to coordinate with what we wear and how we wear it. It’s not just about comfort, fit and functionality anymore, our bikes make us stand out, look good and feel great!

Whether you see yourself as an experienced cyclist, fashion-conscious biker or a complete novice, we are all into classic and vintage bikes in a big way!

Biking glamour is back on the agenda and many are hoping it’s here to stay.

As biking fever starts to gain momentum in our towns and cities, I guess the real question is: Is your bike glam enough?