• Paintwork

    With a choice of classic colours, such as Buckingham Black and Regency Green our immaculate paintwork resonates classic industrial Britain.


22nd June 2016

The bicycles at Royal Imperial are handcrafted to perfection. With over twenty years manufacturing experience our range of bicycles resonate quality, style and a quintessentially British ethos. A solid product: classy, which stands the test of time.

Royal Imperial Cycles is built on a strong ethos of ideals which give us our unique character and solid core. Recreating the nostalgia of the past one hundred years or more is an aesthetic goal of ours but we are first and foremost about quality craftsmanship. Our cycles are strong, fine tuned and expertly finished but with a quintessential old-time British soul, meaning they are a brilliant hybrid of what was great about then but what is essential now. Comfortable, reliable and high performance, our bicycles would make James Starley proud!