Buying Guide

17th May 2016

Which bicycle is best for me?

If you are not sure about the style of bicycle that may be ideal for you then the simple guide below may be of use.

Classic Range

If you are looking for a traditional classic bicycle with increased comfort of ride – 3 speed rear hub gears, raised handle bar, hub brakes with alloy brake levers, leather handle grips and dynamo light system then the classic bicycle option is our top of the range stainless steel bicycle that combines traditional classic design with a multliple gear system.

Vintage Range

Our traditional vintage classic bicycle comes as a single speed rod brake option that really does take you back to yester years in terms of style. Hence if you are happy with a single speed option and would savour the old style of rod brake system over a modern multi speed gear system then the Vintage bicycle may be the ideal one for you.

This is a very unique bicycle and Royal Imperial are one of the only suppliers of the traditional rod brake bicycle in the market place.

A two speed Vintage bicycle is also available upon request at extra cost.

Promoting your brand?

Our delivery / commercial / work bicycles could be an ideal and retro way of promoting your brand.