• Looking every bit the part in towns and cities whether you're touring, commuting to work, or just out for a leisurely ride, our 3-speed, classic bikes look great whoever you are, wherever you are.

About Us

17th May 2016

The bicycles at Royal Imperial are handcrafted to perfection. Our range of bicycles resonate quality, style and a quintessentially British ethos. A solid product: classy, which stands the test of time.

Bicycles were first introduced in the nineteenth century and today there are still twice as many as there are automobiles in the world. Our lifestyle cycles are perfect for the family; smart, solid and robust, they are a must have accessory in today’s fast paced world.

Our range consists of Classic, Vintage and Delivery bicycles for the whole family. Our aim is to get people enthused in cycling as part of a lifestyle, cruising in the lanes with the family, looking smart and classy.

Despite their iconic and timeless appearance, our bikes are built with the highest quality modern components. They would look as much at home propped against a village cricket pavillion in 1902 as they would on modern city roads, and can efficiently handle both terrains easily. You can pedal softly through town for a family picnic on a weekend then ride to work during the week in the rush hour traffic.

Our low gravity delivery bicycles can even be used commercially, as they would have back a hundred years ago. Often, young men would have been hired to make local deliveries from the grocer and baker to customers’ homes. Today, if you run such a business, you could use the sturdy baskets to make quick deliveries while your competition are stuck in traffic in their vans. The delivery and classic bicycle range have optional panels that attach to the frame of the bicycles which can be used for promotion of your company brand.

Cycling is very much a European-born endeavour, popularised in Britain, France and Germany. But the father of the bicycle industry will always be the Englishman James Starley. During the 1870s his company designed an all-metal bike with wire-spoked wheels, as opposed to the heavier wooden ones.

Starley personally invented the differential gear one Saturday while he drank a cup of tea. How extremely British! It is now incorporated in the back axle of every car today. In 1881 he perfected chain-driven cycles.

At Royal Imperial, our Classic, Vintage and Delivery bicycles all come in sizes for men, women, boys and girls. We really are for the whole family. Our products are built to look like bikes from the past one hundred years, with classic frame designs and antique brown natural leather saddles. But they are built with the highest quality modern components. It’s all about looking the part and holding true to a classical ethos, but adapting for modern terrains!