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Traditional? Timeless? Authentic? Elegant?
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Classic Bicycle

Looking every bit the part in towns and cities whether you’re touring, commuting to work, or just out for a leisurely ride, our 3-speed, classic gents’ bikes look great whoever you are, wherever you are.

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Vintage Bicycle

Standing alongside other vintage British icons such as the Mallard steam locomotive and the red telephone box, an Old English vintage bicycle effortlessly blends in with both urban and rural life.

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Delivery Bicycle

A traditional delivery bicycle is ideal for moving light and heavy packages around quickly and safely, for general courier tasks and, of course, for use by butchers, event promoters, florists and anyone that needs a distinctive, robust and reliable delivery bicycle.

Welcome to Royal Imperial

Classic Bicycles, Vintage Bicycles & Delivery Bicycles

We're very passionate about everything to do with CLASSIC, VINTAGE and DELIVERY bicycles. All of our British designed bicycles are handcrafted to perfection with modern parts and are a must-have for today's classic bicycle enthusiast. Based on a timeless, classic design, Royal Imperial bicycles combine the elegance, sophistication and beauty of the vintage era with the comfort, performance and reliability of modern 20th Century bicycles.

Our multi-purpose CLASSIC, VINTAGE and DELIVERY bicycles look every bit authentic, transporting you back to days gone by. They are hand built and lovingly created by our experienced bicycle experts, incorporating a host of original, traditional and authentic features.

A CLASSIC, VINTAGE or DELIVERY bicycles looks great anywhere, anytime. Whether you're out cycling with the family, doing a morning commute, making a delivery, or simply out enjoying the sunshine, a Royal Imperial classic British bicycle, built for gents, ladies and all the family, will go on performing as the years go by.


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